SkinDULGENCE! by judie



Through Skin Analysis, Customized Triple Cleanse, Deep Steam, Extractions, Lymphatic Drainage, Pore Stimulation, Serum Infusion, Customized Mask, Cooling Hydration Infusion, Product knowledge training.

Age Rejuvenation Skin Resurface and Facial Tightening 

This service includes:

 A Deep Pore Cleanse and Facial Massage, to stimulate detoxifying. 

Then onto deep Microdermabrasion, with extractions. 

Exfoliation with a Pumpkin Glycolic Mask, to eat away toxins and dead skin.

Next is the incredible 30 minute Microcurrent, to lift and stimulate collagen. Galvanic skin lift,  Then comes the Rejuvenation Lite, which also stimulates collagen.

Concluding with Stem Cell Serum and Lifting Hydrating Serum.

This protocol is a 6-8 treatment plan,  1-2 weeks apart. Maintenance will be every 4-6 weeks.

AGE/ REJUVENATION or ACNE REPAIR includes power pumpkin peel, OR ACNE peel microdermabrasion ,peptide/collagen infusion with ultrasound, multifruit skin tightening mask/or acne mask and collagen rejuvenation lite to stimulate collagen/ or repair acne scarring. 1.5 hours


AGE MANAGEMENT includes power pumpkin peel, microdermabrasion, pep tide/collagen fusion without ultrasound, multi vitamin mask and rejuvenation lite. 1.5 hours   


COLLAGEN STIMULATION: includes, power collagen peptide infusion with apple stem cell for repairing, microdermabrasion, microcurrent eye lift, and rejuvenation lite.

ACNE CORRECTION: includes extensive assessment, deep pore cleansing, extrations, high frequency, acne rejuvenation lite, acne reduction mask,  1.5 hours       


ACNE MANAGEMENT: includes deep pore cleanseing,extractions, high frequency, acne rejuvenation lite, acne reduction mask.  1 hour                  

BRIGHTEN AND CORRECT  Includes, full facial, with microdermabrasion, bright and fresh mask, rejuvenation lite. this might be a treatment that requires more than one.  1.5 hours          


HYDRATION MANAGEMENT:  includes full facial, collagen/hydration infusion, two hydration masks, and highly absorbable stem cell barrier    1.5 hours



Hydro/ Oxygen Facial: Full Customized Facial

 Includes oxygen facial, stem cell infusion, collagen, skin lightening, or acne serum infusion with Oxygen, hydration, collagen, acne mask.

With Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Mask

With Microdermabrasion




ACNE high frequency                     $50     

ROSACEA high frequency               $50   

RED LIGHT THERAPY                    $50  

ACNE BLUE LIGHT                        $50

Full Rejuvenation lite                       $65   

ULTRASONIC skin tightening          $50     

MICRODERMABRASION                $50  

SKIN TIGHTENING MASK             $50

POWER PUMPKIN MASK              $50 

JESSNER PEEL                                $70  

TCA PEEL                                      $80    

GLYCOLIC 40%                              $70   

ACNE SALICYLIC PEEL                  $70  





$100/ 5 for $400  

$75/ 6 for $400   

$100/ 5 for $400 

$95/ 6 for $500